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Use an actual blueprint to evolve the best version of you

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Astrology can help decipher your own karmic blueprint in order to live more in alignment with the energies that influence all of us in a unique way.

Human beings are extremely complex in nature. When it comes to counseling, coaching, advising or consulting, this is typically done at face value. The client brings a singular issue (or a handful) to the table to discuss, work on and work out. Usually, the advisor will then help the client based on the information provided; which is not much. It's always going to be about whether or not the advisor can ask the right questions before moving into a solution or process for improving the situation. Yet the time with the client is very limited. Based on what the client introduces and shares, as well as the advisor's ability to ask the right questions, there is a chance that not only is the issue identified correctly but maybe the right treatment is also given. Considering the human complexity, it is clear that traditional coaching or advising can only go so far in affecting true change or identifying true causes.

Take someone who wants to renovate a house. While not as complex as a human, there are enough variables involved in the construction and maintenance of a dwelling where the owner looks to a professional home builder or contractor for advice and management of the operation to upgrade the house to a new functional level. These professionals know how to ask the right questions of the home owner to determine appropriate outcome. One of the very first things this professional will ask for and make use of is a blueprint of the existing home. How else is the professional to know what is and isn't possible?

Enter astrology.

An astrology birth chart is a blueprint. To quote Steven Arroyo:

"The birth chart can be viewed as revealing the individual's pattern of energy, which manifests on all levels simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional, and inspirational. The birth chart shows the karma and hence the restrictions that bind us and prevent our feeling free. The chart shows our mind patterns, our past conditioning, the mental impressions and patterns."

Astrology has been around for thousands of years. Several cultures throughout history have emphasized, in one way or another, different styles and methodologies towards analyzing and interpreting the movement and relationship of celestial objects in the sky and how that all affects or reflects human behavior. To this day, astrology is used across all areas of life to help illuminate the more subtle aspects of human behavior on an individual or group level. In the distant past, astrology was considered a very noble profession and respected field of study. For the last several hundred years, certain ideologies and religious movements sent astrology into hiding. It was portrayed to be either a fake pseudo-science or the work of evil forces. Thankfully, the internet had arrived to help bring astrology to the globally connected individual. Astrology is coming back strong, and we haven't seen anything yet!

There are many who still dismiss astrology due to lack of scientific evidence. I will delve into this in later posts, but for now, what is really important to understand here is the limitations of science. Simply put, we should not be aligning our beliefs in the nature of reality based on the most leading edge measuring tools of science. There are libraries of examples out there demonstrating a gap in beliefs over time based on what we could prove with scientific instruments. Less than 1% of the entire light spectrum (that we still know of!) is visible to the human eye. Therefore it must be that X-ray and UV light did not exist until the 20th century! It is not worth anyone's time to argue the scientific validity of astrology here or anywhere considering we have direct experience in recent history with ignoring the reality around us until we have instruments to measure them.

Astrology is a science as well as an art. Due to history, our understanding of astrology is fragmented and incomplete. One day we may have a unified understanding, but in the meantime, my experience has shown me there is still so much to gain from using it appropriately. While my main approach is as an advisor, I use astrology as a structural map and a guidance system when establishing a dialogue with the client.

More often than not, when I am advising clients using astrology, it is common to have some disconnect between what is shown in the birth chart and their own experience. This is usually because of two reasons. One, their are aspects of their belief system that contradicts what they are hearing. Or two, they are unaware or unconscious about some aspect of their life and behavior and this is the first time anyone has touched on it. Either way it is a limitation in one's awareness. It is exactly that reason why I emphasize the use of astrology as a blueprint for further improvements. Do you know exactly where all the plumbing and wiring in your house goes in the walls? Would you know which walls are load bearing or not before renovating? Maybe an idea based on experience. Maybe you don't even know what load bearing means? Having a blueprint is one thing. Knowing how to read a blueprint (a karmic blueprint!) is another.

Having the birth chart of a client is not only time saving, but adds several dimensions and layers of depth to the questions I would be asking in a session. It helps me get right to the core of the issue. Many times the client is unaware or did not know the cause of the situation being discussed. Their birth chart may indicate much more subtle causes than the client or the advisor would realize at first mention in the session.

But to be clear, the system of astrology is not my entire system. As Jung said, "is is the personality of the 'doctor' that has or does not have a curative effect."

My aim is to counsel and advise clients in the direction of seeing the deeper meanings of their life experience. Astrology helps me serve as a channel to a dimension of order, knowledge and insight that is normally inaccessible to other counselors or advisors. This helps to focus the consciousness in such a way to know things or at least sense the possibility of things I wouldn't or couldn't logically calculate.

This blueprint is not for working on the client, but rather with the client.


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