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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are a collection of subject-related questions regarding many of the aspects of FiveTwoEight, our services, and the technologies we use.

  • What types of astrology sessions are offered?
    Astrology is understanding the macrocosmic implications of vibration over time and its relationship to the microcosmic you. Initial Natal Session (1hr) $150 “The birth chart can be viewed as revealing the individual's pattern of energy, which manifests on all levels simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional, and inspirational. The birth chart shows the karma and hence the restrictions that bind us and prevent our feeling free. The chart shows our mind patterns, our past conditioning, the mental impressions and patterns." -Stephen Arroyo Varshaphal - Solar Return (1hr) $150 A scientific horoscope valid for exactly a year starting from this year’s birthday till your next birthday. This is a strategic astrological session aimed at helping you assess the incoming cycles of energy to help one prepare for what lies ahead. Compatibility - Personal or Professional (30 min or 1hr) $75/$150 A session to understand the dynamics between two individual’s birth charts. Whether it is a personal relationship (romantic partnership or interest, parent/child, siblings, etc.) or professional (potential employee to supervisor, business partnerships, etc.) this type of session allows for seeing exactly how the energy will flow between them. Custom Astrology Session (30 min or 1hr) $75/$150 If there are specific topics you would like to discuss on a deeper level from the perspective of your natal chart , this is the session to pick. Depending on the number of topics to discuss, time can be a factor. Muhurta - Auspicious Date (15 min) $50 Have an important date to schedule? Make sure you take into consideration all the potential energetic variables that can make or break your event! Examples include wedding dates, honeymoons or vacations, flights, surgeries, c-sections or conception (fertility), starting a project/business, etc. Requests for a Muhurta are done via email and do not require an in-person session. Prasna -Ask a question in the moment (15 min) $50 These are the important questions about something specific. “Will I ever be rich?” is not a specific important question. “Will I ever find the wedding ring I lost?” or “Should I take the job in New York?” are good examples. Questions and the astrological answers are done via email and not in person. Please Note: Astrology is based on empirical math and science, and can be best described as a language. Success in astrology sessions are based on two factors: a precise birth time, and the ability of the astrologer. At times, interpretations from your chart may not make sense. This is a common occurrence due to the perceptions of our own reality. It can take time, sometimes years, before hindsight and acquired wisdom can assist in your interpretation. That is why all sessions are recorded. All astrological sessions can be done remotely via Google MeetMe.
  • What is the meaning of FiveTwoEight?
    528 Hz is the universal frequency of health and wellness. The 528 Hz frequency is a sensational tone that has been used since ancient civilizations to manifest miracles, bring blessings, and harness a healing property. It is a frequency that is central to the musical mathematical matrix of creation. It is also known as the Love Frequency. It is known as the Miracle tone which brings remarkable and extraordinary changes. It is thought to resonate at the core of everything and have positive benefits on mind and body when exposed to it. In addition, the 528 Hz tone alone is scientifically associated with DNA repair. Every day more and more people tune themselves to the harmonic vibrations of 528 Hz music. This frequency is the most significant of the Solfeggio Frequencies. It has a deep-rooted relationship with nature and appears in many songs. Most famously John Lennon's Imagine was composed in 528 Hz. The solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz stimulates the solar plexus chakra. This frequency is associated with personal power and confidence. It is also said to help with decision-making and manifestation. 528Hz resonates at the heart of the Sun (recorded by NASA scientists). Sunbeams, the rainbow, flowers, grass and even the buzzing of bees vibrates at 528Hz. Nature in balance vibrates at 528Hz. It is the frequency of life itself. Chlorophyll and its green/yellow color vibrates at 528Hz, and is the most powerful healing pigment in biology; why people and animals eat grass to regain health. The air we breathe is filled with Prana/Chi – the Universal life-force vibrating in 528Hz which naturally is restoring and invigorating every strand of DNA and cell in your body – encouraging balance, health, and harmony to dissonant systems lacking electron energy. This frequency brings transformation and an increased amount of love energy, clarity of mind, awareness, activated creativity, and inner peace. It also has the ability to activate your imagination, intention, and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose. 528Hz is the bioenergy of health and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration that lifts your heart. It is the frequency of Love.
  • What does MetaHealing mean?
    We can’t forget that healers and energy masters from ancient times through to today have harnessed the truths of our current scientific revolution, even if they haven’t been able to explain it in mathematical calculations or theories of physics. With the body of evidence we do have, both past and present, we know that subtle energy is real. Whether you call it Qi or Prana, dark energy or the fifth force, the wording and names don’t really matter that much. What we know for sure is that this force operates as energy: resonant frequency. Vibration. It’s wavelengths and signals. Frequency is the key to unlocking everything. We exist in fields of energy at every point along our journey in this life. Learning how to navigate and manipulate those fields, to adjust and balance them, to tap in and out of them as needed… That’s the answer. That’s the real secret to a balanced life in harmony. Energy is The building block. It’s the starting point. It allows for everything else… and because of this, if we can tap into it, we can alter our own reality. We can evolve ourselves. We can improve ourselves. We can heal ourselves. That is MetaHealing.
  • What can I potentially expect after a frequency session?
    It takes time to entrain our energy bodies to return to vibrational harmony. Every individual has their own state of being that, depending on the work done, can produce unique reactions that are physical, emotional and spiritual. Many times, these reactions can be at times uncomfortable. A well-known term that some people use is a "healing crisis"; which can be expected. Physically, your body is detoxifying after treatments. What was blocked before, is not now. Your body is naturally ridding itself of the disharmonious aspects. Drinking water, getting more rest and other common recommendations that go along with helping a body detox will prove beneficial. Usually these symptoms fall off after 21 days. From an emotional and spiritual perspective, it's just a matter of accepting what is happening, paying attention to the experience and the feelings that arise, without judgment or resistance. As much as quantum resonance and other frequency therapies can be used to program, entrain, and encode health-enhancing outcomes, the process of deprogramming, detraining, and decoding is also worth acknowledging. Our quantum connection is under constant assault from harmful, destabilizing electromagnetic influences all around us. This is why it is necessary to work with energy medicine consistently; and not just as a one time treatment. Over time, your body will "remember" what it takes to be in harmony, and treatments become less frequent, or we evolve the approach. "As you start to walk on the way, the way appears." - Rumi
  • What is Vibroacoustic sound therapy?
    Vibroacoustic therapy is a promising form of therapy that combines sound and vibration to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. We felt the best way to approach this question is to link to InHarmony's article on an "Introduction to Vibroacoustic Therapy". InHarmony is the company that develops the product we use with our clients. A product such as the inHarmony Practitioner mixes sound and vibration therapy with the help of audio transducers and headphones and/or ambient speakers.
  • Are there any restrictions and/or precautions to any of the frequency treatments we offer?
    Due to the uncertainty frequencies may introduce to certain medical conditions, the following situations should not entertain frequency treatments (such as PEMF, Vibroacoustic, Rife, etc.): - Individuals with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices. - People with certain types of seizures, migraines, or other neurological conditions should consult with their doctor first. - Anyone receiving immuno-suppressant treatments due to organ transplant, blood transfusions, stem-cell transplants, etc. It's important to discuss any preexisting medical conditions with us ahead of time. Always be communicative before, during and after any treatments when it comes to discomfort of any kind. Try not to eat a big meal or have caffeine before any treatments, as they can interfere with the session. After sessions, drink water and stay hydrated (depending on your treatment, you want to keep up the consistent hydration into the next day). Avoid strenuous physical activity for at least an hour after treatment.
  • What is a L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System anyway?
    The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System is a highly acclaimed 21st-Century brain entrainment technology. It combines traditional concepts of biofeedback with science and technology, and is designed to scan the entire biofield of the body to evaluate and assist in releasing thousands of stress configurations causing illnesses in the brain, body and mind. It is specifically programmed to help re-establish ideal brain circuitry by sending harmonizing, normal-range frequency "messages" to any part of the brain or organ in the body that has been impacted by illness or trauma. It was designed to help both practitioners and clients identify, and gently release the effects of trauma from negative stressors, including a full range of acute, chronic physical and mental issues. ​ ​The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System can be used alone or in conjunction with other modalities and medicine to restore and increase stress resiliency, cognitive flexibility, and greatly reduce the effects of trauma and stress often more rapidly than therapy by itself. This system can identify key areas of negative stress and then provide a dynamic healing potential by gently releasing accumulated stress. It can be a life changing opportunity for self healing: to be provided with deep complementary assistance for recovery that is sorely needed in order to return to a more vibrant peaceful life. The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback Device can be calibrated with each client with the wrist, ankle, headband harness applied to receive micro current specific frequencies to assess each item from its database of thousands of items. Once the client’s assessment program is set up, a series of energetic patterns or waves with specific multi layered frequencies are relayed in nanoseconds to the client from the computer. Within minutes, personalized results are revealed that prioritize areas in the client’s body that are most in need of support and rebalancing. Once we identify areas the computer assessment has prioritized that the client needs support with, we transmit a selection of specific frequencies, via the harness to release the negative stress.
  • What is the history of L.I.F.E. Systems?
    The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System was first recognized in Europe, where it has been rigorously tested through double-blind studies by European Medical Institutions and is the only device of its kind to be awarded the rare and highest certification achievable: the German TUV Certification of Assurance in the European Union, as a Class 2A Medical Instrument. This certification is similar to FDA certification in the USA, but harder to achieve. The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System is registered in the USA, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Over the past 16 years, The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System has quickly established its position as a leader, with the most advanced transformational technology available, that can accurately help to identify, release and re-balance key areas of negative stress from chronic illnesses, severe trauma and everyday life. It has been created to support practitioners and physicians to assist their clients in re-balancing all areas of stress in the body, brain and mind. It provides gentle, non-invasive supporting frequency potentials for self-healing such issues as: anxiety, PTSD, Cancer, addiction, Lyme Disease, Parkinson’s, Autism, parasite infections, brain imbalances, spinal injuries, and life-changing personal events. The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System does not ever replace traditional therapy or medicine, rather it is a very complementary and supportive biofeedback device that is already successfully utilized in many medical institutions, psychological practices and hospitals. This remarkable biofeedback device has been known to actually accelerate the effects of other interventions and therapeutic practices.
  • How does a L.I.F.E System assessment work in person versus remotely?
    The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System is capable of providing very detailed assessments and self-healing options for each client through the use of personalized frequencies identified for them. The practitioner begins by creating each client’s unique individual ID (identification). To do this they use a recent photograph, date of birth, city, state where they were born, and the exact current address of where they are located. The program uses a special GPS-style calculation to identify the exact location of each client whether utilizing the harness in person or the virtual mode. The entire evolution of this proprietary biofeedback system was originally built on a remote platform, to administer to individuals in areas of the world who had limited or no access to medicine and treatment. Usually, the harness is directly applied, and has been proven effective, providing far-reaching potentials for use in countries across the world. All this information is then entered into the biofeedback system demographics program, along with personalized affirmations, if desired, covering everything from releasing trauma, emotional well-being, health challenges, self-healing, improved relationships and more. After the client’s assessment program is set up, we program a series of energetic patterns or waves, with specific multi-layered frequencies chosen from its database of thousands of items, that are relayed in nano-seconds to the client from the L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System. Within minutes, personalized results are revealed in a prioritized list of areas in the client’s body that are the most in need of support and rebalancing. The device is then calibrated for use with the client through straps attached to the wrist, ankle and headband, thereby receiving nano-second frequencies to assess and release each item from its database of thousands of options. ​ The L.I.F.E. Professional Biofeedback System attempts to identify and record subtle informational “stress potentials” provided by the client during the assessment procedure. The flow or blockage of this information reflects a profound biofeedback system of communication that demonstrates the body/mind inter-connection and intelligence. The result is presented in the form of charts, numbers and text, making it easy for the practitioner to understand. The L.I.F.E.Professional Biofeedback System provides and receives subtle, dynamic and quantifiable signals through the 5-point harness system. The computer program evaluates such responses, and then gently sends a signal to the client with that information by feeding it back to them. The client's system utilizes this information as a self-regulating tool to release areas of stress and held muscle tension in the body. This process assists the body’s self-corrective natural defense mechanisms by encouraging relaxation, balance and harmony. The fact that it records the location and personal data of the client, the L.I.F.E. system is just as effective from a quantum field perspective when the client is not connected to the harnesses or even in the same locality.
  • What is a Rife machine?
    In the 1920s and ‘30s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife—a bacteriologist studying at John Hopkins University—observed that viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells had their own resonance frequencies. He built his research off of studies conducted by a 20th-century scientist, Dr. Albert Abrams, who believed: All matter vibrates (that vibration is what we call frequency), and vibrations were specific to the type of matter and what it’s made of. Those vibrations emitted by different types of matter can be detected, classified, and measured by specialized operators. Building on Dr. Abrams’ research, Dr. Rife theorized that cancer cells could be targeted by outside electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Then, the cells would undergo apoptosis (cell death, where it will either implode or explode). This was the genesis of the rife machine, a tool that matches the specific frequency of different cancer cells and delivers low-energy electromagnetic waves to the body. Dr. Rife compared his experiments to an opera singer who breaks a wine glass by using her vocal cords. The sound made from striking and holding the correct musical note (frequency) would interact with the glass, causing it to vibrate and shatter. Everything in the world has its own natural frequency. The rife machine was designed to detect the natural frequency of bacteria, viruses, or cancer cells, and match them. Like the opera singer and the glass, the rife machine emits a frequency to target the cells and causes them to undergo apoptosis. For a more detailed history on Dr. Royal Rife, please visit the following site: To schedule a Rife appointment, please click here.
  • What is Geopathic Stress?
    Electromagnetic energies of the earth that are unseen can have extreme repercussions on the body. These geopathic stressors are a result of underground water, minerals and energy grids around the earth’s surface. The radiation is considered to have negative, chaotic or detrimental effects on the persons exposed for prolonged periods of time. The science of geobiology has proven that plants and animals will not thrive in areas that have strong earth radiation. Try it out yourself; if you have a dying plant, move its location and see if it improves. Centuries past, in Europe and other parts of the world put animals such as cows and sheep to pasture in land being considered for homesteads. If the animals fared well and were healthy over a certain period of time the land was considered safe for human habitation. Otherwise, if the animals showed signs of poor health the land would no longer be considered for settling. Many people believe that geopathic stress is the only common factor between people who experience weakened states of health. Numerous professionals believe that geopathic stress can actually block the benefits and absorption of therapeutic treatments. We highly endorse the use of the Geopathic Stress Test and Release application. Please keep in mind that it can make an overall difference in the quality of your response to stress reduction sessions. FiveTwoEight will test and release Geopathic Stress before any testing to assist the most accurate results with your sessions.
  • What are the different types of Geopathic Stress?
    Curry Cross – Electrical disturbing energies Hartman Cross – Cancer Causing or Degenerative disturbing energies Ley Cross – Land Line disturbing energies Metal Interference – Jewelry or Metal disturbing energies Szent Georgyi Cross – Blood Sugar disturbing energies Water Cross – Water Flow disturbing energies
  • Where can I find out more about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?
    We have found one of the best resources on HBOT is this website: We also recommend this book (Amazon link):
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