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What to Expect

MetaHealing refers to the concept of healing the whole of you.


Your self has multiple levels. Simply, this could be described as the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects that aggregate to who you are as a unique human being. We know that genetics, family history, as well as environmental factors play a part in certain advantages or disadvantages of your life. We also know that socio-economic and other cultural factors impact our overall health. Stress has been clearly identified these days as a strong contributor to a variety of health issues.


We also know that everything is connected. Quantum physics, string theory, as well as plenty of global level research and evidence concludes we exist on a variety of levels of interconnectedness with all things.

Getting to the point, there are many levels to you. More than likely, there are a multitude of causes in your life that brings forth the way you experience things now. We will take all of that into consideration. 

We offer coaching because action, will and direction are needed for metahealing. Our life coaching is non-linear. We help educe (bring forth) your genius. YOU have all the answers you are seeking. 

And when you begin to align your mind-body states with a resonating vision and strategy, that's metahealing.

Part of your mission on earth is to master your thoughts, your vibration; your frequency so that you can move through life with ease.

Who is this coaching for? 

The fact is, it doesn't matter what your background is. It doesn't matter what career you are in, how old you are, or where you are, or think you are, in your life. Everybody is here on earth for the same basic reason; to remember. FiveTwoEight coaching is about aligning you with that reason. It is about going to the cause of any suffering or mystery in your life so you can shift, evolve, and heal. 

So what you can expect from coaching at FiveTwoEight is a true path to healing through partnership. The only requirement is a will to act. It requires you to make a choice and put out effort.

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