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How to Prepare for an Astrology Session

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Whether you have already scheduled a session or you are still looking to understand what to expect from one, this article is for you. Even if you have been to a coach, an astrologer or any kind of spiritual reading, they can all be different depending on who you go to. Astrology can be seen as a language, to which the astrologer then molds their own style, character, mood, level of awareness and experience into how they interpret what is seen in the birth chart. Then you have the angle of approach. For me, I take my interpretation of the chart and align it with the present situation, coupled with the intentions and state of the client, and bring a metaphysical perspective to bear on a way forward. The meeting could go somewhat like a typical astrology reading but there is more of a dialogue with my approach. Yet if you have never had an astrology reading before, there is quite the plethora of stereotypes and assumptions that need clarification. Therefore, I wanted to explain in the post below what one can expect when we work together.

Let's get the stereotypes out of the way. Going to an astrologer is not like going to a psychic or fortune teller. Sometimes it could seem that way. There are those astrologers that strictly do predictions and the reading is very one way where the client just listens. There is also the idea that you get this one birth chart reading, maybe get a second or third opinion over the years, and that's it. Many sit there quietly listening, answering as briefly as possible to avoid giving up any information that might reveal the astrologer is incompetent. Some see astrology as a carnival act, parlor trick, or just some kind of entertainment value not to be taken seriously.

That's not what I do.

Astrology is a very complicated science. It is very systematic with an almost infinite amount of layers that reads like a language. It is akin to reading a multi-dimensional map in an ancient dialect that is dynamically changing every time you look at it. Depending on the consciousness of both the client and the astrologer, a profound amount of information can be extrapolated that is conveyed in a way that is exactly meant for the client in that moment. In order to establish the most effective space for this to occur, I try to organize the process as well as the expectations. That tends to create the right energy for our time together.

The session is interactive. Even before we agree to have a session, I like to get an idea of why you want to see me. What is the purpose? How serious is this inquiry? It helps me understand the readiness factor. While this may come off as snobby, I would rather make sure my approach fits your needs, and if not, refer you to a more appropriate type of service.

Astrology is also vast. It literally covers every aspect of reality, existence and you. Any questions that are asked to be filled out ahead of time or during the course of the session is so we hone in on exactly what is needed. We can do a broad stroke look at things if that is needed. But time is short. We can spend hours talking about just a relationship, a career, one project or where you are at right now with your soul's evolution. To use the valuable time wisely, I like to make sure we are on the same page with what we discuss. So when you go to book a session, take some time to answer the bigger questions.

As stated earlier, astrology can be seen as a one stop shop. While this is changing rapidly these days, most know astrology as horoscopes in apps, newspapers and other publications that give a paragraph fortune that is applied to 1/12th the world's population. If one has a reading, it's the one-time big overview of the birth chart. Most people are missing out on a huge treasure trove of insight that can be accessed at any time. Just like a map or blueprint, they are meant to be referred to continuously.

One of the easiest strategies to implement is a yearly check in. This can be called an annual progression or varshaphal reading. Astrologically, it is looking at a special year chart based on the position of the planets when the sun arrives at the exact degree it was at when you were born (typically within a day or two of your birthday). This can be seen as kind of like an annual strategy session. But there are even more types of sessions to have that make use of so many astrological techniques and principles; depending on the type of situation at hand. This is why a long term relationship with an astrologer is highly recommended. The more dialogue, sessions and feedback over time, the more profoundly accurate the future interactions become.


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